Vast Shipping provides tanker owners with a complete and comprehensive ship management package that covers Commercial Management, Crew Management, Post Fixture Operations, Sale & Purchase, and Claims Handling.

Our Vision

“To be one of the best ship operators, managers and maritime logistics support brand”

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a successful and diversified maritime organization

Our Objectives

We are committed to deliver sustainable excellence in business performance

  • We offer a full commercial management package from the fixture of vessels through to post- fixtures operations and assistance with crew management and sales & purchases.

  • We at Vast are committed to provide world-class ship management services that meet safety, environmental and customers’ requirements and to conduct its operations in a manner, which protects human health, safety, environment and property.

  • At Vast, we understand the quality of officers and crew are the most important factor in the management of a vessel.

  • Our crew management services encompass the recruitment, deployment and management of deck, engine and catering sea staff.

  • We have strict screening procedures in place for all sailors new to us, which ensures that the crew we employ are able to fulfill all intended duties on board.